Solanyl Biopolymers Inc

Solanyl Biopolymers Inc. - The Company

Solanyl Biopolymers Inc. was established in 2005, when the founders of the company, Derek and Earl McLaren, had the vision and desire to further process the byproduct streams of local Manitoba food processors. In Europe a technology of bioplastics for this purpose was already in the commercial stage. As a result, an international partnership was formed with Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V. from the Netherlands with the goal to bring biodegradable plastics to North America. For your Solanyl bioplastics needs for South America please visit the website and they will be able to answer any questions for that market area.

The method of processing available to Solanyl Biopolymers Inc. allows for the recovery and upgrading of potato starch taken from the waste stream of the local potato processing industry. The reclaimed potato starch can be further processed into biodegradable plastics resin. The Rodenburg patented technology has proven successful and will be duplicated in Canada.

Several Solanyl Biopolymer grades can be supplied from inventory in Manitoba for injection molding on industrial scale. Technical support is available to answer any customer questions and samples can be provided for trial runs and product development.

Solanyl Biopolymers Inc. is dedicated to offering an alternative, fully biodegradable resin for rigid packaging material in injection molding applications, to replace petroleum-based plastics.

This renewable source of packaging will contribute to sustaining a healthy environment and quality of life.