Solanyl Biopolymers Inc

What are SolanylŪ Biopolymers?

SolanylŪ BPs are bio-based and biodegradable plastic resins used as a replacement for petroleum-based plastic resins, for the purpose of injection molding rigid objects.

SolanylŪ BP is made from potato starch reclaimed from the food processing industry. Potato starch leaches out into the processing water and is usually lost to further processing. By reclaiming this starch, Solanyl Biopolymers not only solves a waste water issue, but also gains a renewable resource to be further processed into a bio-based plastic.

Using a patented process, potato starch is converted to a plastic-like resin that can be heated and shaped into a multitude of products through the injection molding process.

Solanyl BP has many benefits including:

The word Solanyl is from the name Solanum tuberosum, which is the scientific name for the common potato.

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